My GRANDSON TYLER and Isabelle;  who have now welcomed my

I'm so proud of both of them.  His fiancé is Isabella They are holding the
ultrasound pictures in the pics.  

Then there are pics of OLIVER and Tyler and Isabelle on the HAPPY DAY!
There are also pics of Oliver, Tyler, Isabelle and ME!
Congratulations and thank you for such a precious Great Grandson!

My BFF Crystal and her daughter Hanah.
In the family pic is Crystal, Jason (her husband) and
Hanah their adorable little "monster".  
That is meant in only the sin
cerest way.
My Biological family (I was adopted) and got the opportunity to actually get to know them.  
Above left is my brother Steve, and his wife Debbie.
On the right is my sister Teresa and her daughter Kaylee.
Below on left is my brother, Eddie.
On the right is my sister Patty and her daughter Ashley
I also have a brother we are looking for last name known was Ronald Dean Kaminski.
And these are older pics of my family...don't have updated ones yet.
Vacation pics from 2013 of
The Badlands,  Tetons, Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.
John took this picture and it's now
been made into a canvas and
hangs above our fireplace.  
Beautiful picture!
The worlds biggest bird feeder; I.E.